2013-01-31 04:09 pm
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 OMG OMG OMG I got the job! 
It starts as an internship, company intern-tutorial and at first I accompany others to visit customers, then i get accompanied, until I'm secure enough to do it on my own! 
I also find it important to mention, they would've had the capacity to take on three interns, ou of the five that made it to an interview, one declined, three others didn't get it. And so they contemplated whether or not it was worth the effort to take on only the one, and apparently I fulfill even that requirement XDDD (I'll be having about 3 weeks of private tutorial XD)
Ooooooof, I'm still shaking! 

So, it looks like I'm becoming a financial consultant for a independant service-company! *does happy dance*
(did I mention the money is not going to be bad either...?)
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The school fuck up from before christmas is forgotten and we'll be receiving the diplomas on tuesday. Followed by the pre premier of Django! YAY!
It is, however, much more difficult than anticipated to find a job with my qualifications. I know I haven't been at it for long, but I'm growing extremely restless and even short tempered. How do other people cope with that? I find nothing more vexing than being involuntarily unemployed... #Argh I wasn't yet invited for a single interview! ;___; Ah, well, carrying on... (thanks for the earworm, brain)
And no, I'm not twenty years old, have the diploma of education module soundso and a year or more of experience on the job after having finished the apprenticeship... (yes, I read that somewhere, and they didn't mean 'at least twenty')
Off to a lovely bath with some Johnlock and a glass of Heida... XD

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Right, I promised some explaining. Sorry it took so long, busy day! 
Yesterday we received my school's pass/not pass letters, and they managed to send me a partly inaccurate one. While (unfortunately not) everybody else got 'Congratulations on your passed exam, merry christmas' I got, and I quote: 'Leider können wir Ihnen das Handelsdiplom VSH wegen ungenügender Noten nicht ausstellen.' What they meant was that apparently that moron of an information & correspondence teacher forgot to hand in my one module from last winter which I completed under a different teacher. So A: 'ungenügende Noten' meant there weren't enough, not they weren't good enough. B: I was literally quite aware that Mr. Moron had to log into two different accounts to get all four of my module results, which I reminded him of twice (actually I didn't remind him, I asked shyly if  I needed to do it again or if everything was in order). So after three phone calls, I got a 'Yes, you definitely passed but you wont have that in writing before january, because everyone's on holiday now'...
After a couple of beers and a forced afternoon nap, I felt a bit better, drove to Lucerne, walked the lovely lake route to the IMAX accompanied by another beer and went to see the Hobbit. Which was really impressive at the IMAX *swoons* Definitely felt better then XD
Today I had my best 'smile while cursing everyone' face on during grocery shopping. People are inattentive idiots, selfimportant sons of bitches and stooooopid... Hats off to everyone who had to work in any place whatsoever related to christmas shopping.
No, I don't like christmas, keep your humbug...


2012-11-18 09:10 pm
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Truly sorry for not writing for so long! (seems like every entry starts that way...) Tumblr does take up a lot of your time, consists of less thinking about my own life so, there you have it... *hangs head in shame*

Last year in november I applied to work in 'our' partner hotel which didn't work out (because of bureaucratic bitchiness reasons, apparently). But I'm glad it didn't. The year started with a lot of back pain, multiple therapies, multiple injections, etc, so I decided to quit. I've just had it with the constant pain...
So, Mum allowed me to move back, and I switched to a full time course to finish the school.  My back got constantly better, and is now pain free most of the time. I still exercise and see a therapist more or less frequently, but only two weeks ago I sat through my first film in theatres this year without any discomfort at all! (btw it was Skyfall) XDDD
The school is nice, I adore accountancy! And it all comes relatively easy to me, whis is an smug feeling all by itself. But we'll have the final exam in less than three weeks, and I'm desperately looking for a job. The crux of the problem is that I don't have any experience nor do I have the bloody certificate yet. :/ I'm pretty certain I'm actually good at this, but I have yet to prove it... 
Furthermore, my savings are running away from me as if the devil were after them! *sulk* Mostly health insurance stuff, haven't bought a film in at least six weeks! #LeGasp and all my lovely ideas for christmas presents are of no use to me whatsoever. So if you receive a present in, say, may instead of december, don't be cross please? 
And as I already mentioned on tumblr, no job = no Animagic 2013, which would be weird... 

By the way, I do check DW every now and then, if I missed something vital, just hit me with a frying pan, then we can hug and are good? That'd be lovely! XP

I just noticed that I'm in the middle of 'how do I place commas in German texts' and  am sure I'm completely ballsing up this enry. I should write more...  

So, leaving this for today...

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Sorry, I'm not writing these days (months). I don't really have anything useful to say...

My job sucks, I can't seem to find a desirable substitite (yeah, I know, I'm picky, which doesn't speed things along)
My back is crap. Apparently I've got a dodgy lumbar vertebrae, which results in a constantly infected scatica, and, just recently, set by pelvic bone completely askew. That happened in the middle of january, and I'm still slowly recovering, doing therapy and now training also. I'm losing my (in-)famous patience... :/
My skin looks like that of a 14year old, which just simply dosen't help matters ANY. Except lowering your self esteem. Yay to that.
Oh, and of course I put on a lot of weight during the last approximately three months. Yes, I know I take comfort in too much chocolate, and (only on weekends, and mostly with mum) alcohol. I added the last brackets to ensure you that I'm really not developing a drinking problem, I'm too careful for that. But it actually helps, which isn't comforting at all...

Well, in short: sucksucksuck... (and no swallowing in sight) No, I haven't lost my humour, it's just become a little more sarcastic...

Feel free to ignore my humble rantings :)
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Well well well
First of all : Thank you so much woelfchen_kouga for your present! I tried to open it, but my sister wouldn't let me… Yours will be late I'm afraid… *hides*

On a less pleasant note, my back's infected again and FUCK it hurts! I'm a little high from my meds now, though. Work promises to be funny today. *g* Let' s hope it doesn't last too long…
My iron is pretty low too, I'm sure (I'm checking with the doctor on friday) the symptoms are adding up, I even woke up because of a nosebleed this morning, haven't had that in ages. And I'm so tired all the time, and listless no matter how much I sleep. So if I'm a little antisocial at the moment, sorry 'bout that.

And could you do me a favour? Do not wish me a merry christmas. Thank you. I usually work, and these "special days" don't exist for me. I, however wish a very merry christmas to everyone who would like it! :) Just leave me alone with that.

On a very happy note: I'm looking very much forward to all the Sherlickgasms that promise to follow these next few weeks, and TO MEETING BAKA_YU AGAIN! *squee*

See you around, gotta go to work (or pretend to do so at least…)

p.s. how do I get rid of the internet auto correct???
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Just a quick note, I'm still waiting for an answer from "the potential new place" so I'm a little nervous these days. Any good vibes are most welcome! :)

On monday I'm going to Stuttgart to the christmas market with a friend of mine, if anyone is nearby, drop a note!

I'm feeling really kinda lonely these days, it's a typical advent - I - wanna - fall - in - love - feeling, and it kinda sucks every year… :/ But now I'll work on the christmas presents of baka_yu and woelfchen_kouga whilst listening to some christmas music…

See you around...
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So! Look at my awesome new purchases!


Independently wealthy (external hard drive)

Thank you but no (alarm clock)

Aaaaaaaand ATHOS!

I am so happy! XD
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I just thought this was hilarious:

1 Hand voll Nüsse
1 Zitrone
2 Liter guten alten Whisky
1 Tasse Wasser
... 1 Tasse Zucker
1 Tasse Mehl
1 Tasse braunen Zucker
4 große Eier
1 Stück weiche Butter
2 Tassen getrocknete Früchte
1 Teel. Backpulver
1 Teel. Salz


1. Zunächst kosten Sie den Whisky und überprüfen seine Qualität!

2. Nehmen Sie dann eine große Rührschüssel zur Hand!

3. Währenddessen probieren Sie nochmals den Whisky und überzuegen sie sich davon, dass er wirklich von bester Qualität ist.

4. Gießen Sie dazu eine Tasse randvoll und trinken Sie diese aus!

5. Wiederholen Sie diesen Vorgang!

6. Schalten Sie den Mixer an und schlagen Sie in die Rührschüssel die Butter flaumig weich!

7. Überprüfen Sie, ob der Whisky noch in Ordnung ist. Probieren Sie dazu nochmals eine Tasse voll.

8. Mixen Sie den Schalter aus!

9. Brechen Sie dann zwei Eier aus und zwar in die Rührschüssen. Hau'n Sie die schrumpligen Früchte mit rein!

10. Malten Sie den Schixer aus!

11. Wenn das blöde Obst im Trixer stecken bleibt, lösen's des mit 'nem Traubenschier!

12. Hüberprüfen Sie den Whisky auf seine Konsissstenzzz...

13. Jetzt schmeißen Sie die Zitrone in den Hixer und drücken Sie die Nüsse aus!

14. Fügen Sie eine Tasse hinzu, Zucker, alles was auch immer...

15. Fetten Sie den Ofen ein! Drehen Sie ihn um 360°. Schlagen Sie auf 
den Mehixler, bis er ausgeht!

16. Werfen Sie die Rührschüssen aus dem Fenster und überprüfen Sie den Geschmack des übrigen Whiskys.

17. Gehen Sie ins Bett und pfeifen Sie auf den Kuchen.

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Well, I know I've been conspicious by abscence. Sorry about that!
But really, I wouldn't know what to post, I go to work, I eat (too much) and sleep. On my off days I clean up my place, go to mum and/or see my sisters (and nephews).
That's pretty much my life, it sounds terribly boring, doesn't it? Ok, I counted my dvds today and I have 423 films and 33 seasons of one series or another, that's something, I guess... :)

Anyway, see you around...
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stolen from [ profile] sorion
♥ Think of the first word that comes to mind when you think of me
♥ Run a Google image search on that word
♥ Reply to this entry and post a picture from that search
♥ Put this in your journal, so others can do the same

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I think I want to marry this guy:
A chocolate you did not want to eat does not count as chocolate. This discovery is from the same branch of culinary physics that determined that food eaten while walking contains no calories.
Know the situation where you try different chocolates and say to yourself, "no more than three"? But if one of them isn't to your taste at all, the fourth doesn't count, does it? ;)
I love Terry Pratchett!

btw. I just premembered you were going to say that.
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I am so freaked out right now... That is amazing!

You were born during a Full moon

- what it says about you -

You've spent your life in the middle of things, whether it's between people who oppose each other, ideas that oppose each other, or places that are very different. You're very aware of perspectives outside the norm and good at anticipating how different people will see a situation. You value second opinions, because they give you a feeling of balance. You don't have a single group of friends and the people you spend time with may not have a lot in common with each other.

What phase was the moon at on your birthday? Find out at

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Back for a little entry, me...
Finally the last month's over, it was killing me! (us all, really) Now I'm on a well deserved holiday at my mums, and of course got sick on the second day off work... That's the good ones, eh? ;)
We've had a murderous november at the hotel, and on the first of december we heard we reached record sales! Best month ever! That's cool to know, at least you know why everyone's completely exhausted.
And now, some christmassy holidays to get better, relax and bake some cookies!

And today's the annual family meeting at my aunts, and I'm over there helping to prepare everything all day! Yay!

Happy Advent season, everyone!
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Loved every minute of it! ;)
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Hi, about ruddy time I write something, eh? I've decided to help my abysmal active English by doing a meme! Harry Potter of course, snatched from [ profile] baka_yu

01. Your favourite book?
It's hard to decide between the Prisoner of Azkaban and the Deathly Hallows. I loved Nr.3 because Harry finally found some family at last, because you learn more about the past, such as the Marauders (love 'em!!) and how the Potters died. There is more to it than just the "legend", but the betrayal of a coward, such as it happens in war when people are scared, and the drama starts to unfold. 7 on the other hand is, in my opinion, the best Potter in the writing, "Queen Rowling" was always a good writer but has certainly improved throughout the whole series, and 7 is kinda the orgasm of it all ;). Also it shows much more of the drama, which Harry Potter is, and therefore makes the whole thing sound more real, I think.

02. Your favourite movie?
Hmmm, now this is difficult! 3, 4 or 5? 3 has Cuaron with a unique style I simply love, and so many descreetly hidden things that make the film so beautiful. And of course one Gary Oldman! ;)
Then 4 had some really great action (dragons!), the acting of some of the youngsters started to mature, Patrick Doyle made the most fantastic music and the weasley twins start to appear a little more... ;) Film 5 though has some even more outstanding acting (Imelda Staunton!), a fantastic script, some Sirius and of course little Harry snogging *lol*.
No seriously, I can't tell...

03. Is there any of the films adaptations that have made you angry because they’ve ignored important parts of the book?
Oh dear, I don't really think along the lines of that, cause book is so not film! Lemme think... Yes! Leaving Sirius out of film 4! (that little chat in the fire doesn't count!)

04. Least favourite female character and why?
Bellatrix, she killed Sirius.

05. Favourite male character and why?
I think I just answered that. :) Sirius!!! Why? He's daring, dashing, handsome, cocky, loyal, funny, reckless, and the one person that finally came along to really take care of Harry. (and no, I don't mean in Maeglin style...)

06. What house would you want to be in?
Want to be? I suppose in Gryffindor, where all the brave and funny lads are. But I would most definitely end up in Hufflepuff, and like it there ;).

07. Favourite female character and why?
Hmm, I suppose Minerva McGonagall, she is strict yet fair, has a strong sense of loyalty, even of humour sometimes. Although I quite adore Molly Weasley for being such a strong woman and one hell of a mother!

08. What do you think would be your favourite lesson?
Charms I suppose, and Potions at which I would definitely be rather good...

09. Least favourite male character?
Percy. The question doesn't ask why, does it? :)

10. Horcruxes or Hallows?
Hallows, obviously. I am no fan of murder after all.

11. What character would you say you are most like?
Not. A. Clue. Luna? Really no idea, you tell me.

12. Favourite ship?
Sirius/Remus of course. Not saying no to a good Harry/Draco though...

13. Least favourite movie?
Err... I kinda like them all. Do I have to chose one? Really? Hmm... *ponders* All right, the philosophers stone, because the dvd's broken (thanks to neffy-poo) :)

14. Team Voldemort or Team Harry?
Harry, obviously, I don't take kindly to murderers.

15. Who would be your best friends at Hogwarts?
The Weasley twins (only counts as one), Remus Lupin, and I would tirelessly pine after Sirius who wouldn't give me as much as a glance...

16. Favourite Professor?
Remus sounded like fun and yet educational, and I suppose I would like McGonagalls classes.

17. Are you excited about the Deathly Hallows film or scared it won't do the book justice?
Both actually. I'm so very much looking forward to it, I feel like a kid! But for the first time I'm a little nervous, Deathly Hallows is such a powerful book emotionally, and so many things could go wrong, but I'm actually also quite sure I'm gonna love it. So shut up, nerves!

18. Least favourite book?
The order of the Phoenix, Sirius dies.

19. Do you prefer the books or films?
As I said before, it's so not the same, and the films are a little short, books last longer ;)

20. If you had to meet one member of the cast, who would it be?
Gary Oldman!!! And then he would fall in love with me, marry me and I'd have his babies... LOL

21. Out of all the characters that died, if you could bring one back, who would it be?
You can guess, right? Sirius. Although Remus' death hit me almost equally hard. *sniffles*

22. Harry Potter of Twilight?
BWMUAHAHAHAHALOOOOOOL, that's not a question is it?

23. Any part of the books/films that makes you cry?
Not really, I just went sad when Sirius died, Lupin and Fred died, when Harry had to give himself up. But no tears...

24. Any particular scene you wished would have been put in the film but it wasn't?
THE Quidditch match in Prisoner of Azkaban! Gryffindor winning the Quidditch cup! (And Lee Jordan commenting)

25. Nineteen years later. Are you happy how it turned out, or do you wish something was different, ie Neville married to Luna?
I'm quite happy about the facts, but Q.R. should have written it again after finishing Deathly Hallows, not used the ols version.

26. If you could be able to work one spell without a wand, what would it be?
Some sort of cleaning spell, otherwise how do I get my wand clean as well? :)

27. Would you rather own the Invisibility Cloak, the Resurrection Stone or the Elder Wand?
The Cloak of course! I could sneak around work and hear out the patrons... ;) Although I could maybe save the world with the Elder Wand...

28. Do you listen to Wizard Wrock? what do you think about it?
No, what is that?

29. Did you enjoy A Very Potter Musical?
Haven't seen it, what's it like?

30. What effect has Harry Potter made on your life and how much does it mean to you?
I certainly spent ever so much time in my life with Harry Potter, I couldn't imagine life without it! Ever since a friend gave me the first book about eleven years ago, I was enchanted by it. I suppose I will read it to my children one day, or simply read and reread it again as I grow older... And who knows, I might live to see another series of films...

So, thats it! Took me long enough, now I'm gonna have some dinner! :)

oh dear...

2010-09-30 07:17 pm
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Just a short note: I hate crushes... *headdesk*
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Well, hi there. I just used my computer for the first time in 7 days, I was just way too busy working! (that's not healthy is it? -_^)
I actually read all the entries I missed, but just so you know why I didn't comment anything, it's nothing personal ;)

I'm back to school tomorrow! I know it's just one day a week for 5 weeks, but still, I'm looking forward to it...


2010-08-19 10:25 am
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Our dear Grandma died peacefully this morning after a very long time of Alzheimers and yet a mercifully short, painful period of cancer.
It was amazing for how long she was a so very happy, even though she gradually comprehended less and less. She might not have known who you were, but she recognised you as someone who came to visit her and gave you a genuine big happy smile whenever she saw you.
May she rest in peace together with Granddad. I kinda think they both had a great and fulfilling life, no [ profile] sorion?

On a completely different note, change in meds is mentally going well so far, but I had some major withdrawal syndroms when the whole world was turning and spinning like mad... Jeez was that annoying and pretty depressing after a time, but thank the Lord it's better now! I swear I was going bonkersand bananas...

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Hi y'all!
After the Ani I was thrown back to work at warp speed... :( Everyday business completely filled me up for the last two weeks, so I'm really sorry if I missed anything!

Well, work's a bit of a bitch now, you have so little to do you clean your bloody fingers off, and when you finally wanna go home, peaple start bursting in for some late dinner or whatever...
And most of the patrons we have over the summer break are annoying redneck behaving ever so "funny"... *sighs*
Although there are days when one of us can leave early, which is quite nice. But that sometimes leads to car accidents of coworkers, which is not nice at all, cause who's left to do the shifts missed by those hurt? Yes! Me! (among others I must admit...) still... SUXS!!!
Right now I'm really looking forward to the couple days of wellness and hiking with mum in Austria, I need the winding down...

On a different and way more cheery note:
I quit with the antidepressants and substituted them with st. johns wort! (less strong, less specific to different problems and, of course, more healthy)

Looking good so far, help me keeping em fingers crossed!

Y'know, I can't help noticing that my writing is way below the level it used to be... *meh* Can't you set me an essay every now and then? *iz ashamed*

Hmmm, that'll be all for now, off to a lovely bath aith terry Pratchett!

Love to y'all!

p.s. Welcome back, Reesi!
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